Māori Land Governance


It is important to learn about what, why and how the different governing bodies are created and associate areas of significance.  

It is also important to note what the purpose of different organisations are and the process to registering and choosing your level of involvement in each one. 

Lets get started:

  • Ahu Whenua Trust
  • Māori Incorporation
  • Māori Reservation
  • Whenua Topu Trust
  • Kaitiaki Trust
  • Whanau Trust
  • Putea Trust
  • Māori Trust Board
  • Post-Treaty Settlement Governance Entity

Each of these entities hold authority in over various interests within Maori Land Districts. None have the same purpose and there are pros and cons to their establishment and governance over your interests.  In all cases they require Whakapapa to establish your beneficial entitlement.  
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MLC Panui - February 2021


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