Whakarewarewa Village Trust

Whakarewarewa Village Trust Development - Lot 9

Whakarewarewa Village Trust is an Ahu Whenua Trust established prior to significant development in Whakarewarewa VIllage.


For most visitors to New Zealand, there is little opportunity to experience or begin to understand the Maori Culture and traditional way of life.  This is where The Whakarewarewa Village in Rotorua offers both overseas and local visitors a unique experience - an insight into a way of life that had disappeared in Aotearoa in the early 80's.

The Whakarewarewa Village is much more than just a tourist attraction, it is a living, vital Maori community based on traditions handed down from generation to generation.  Due to the village's unique location beside Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley, tourists and visitors have always been welcomed to the village and many of the women from the village have acted as guides through the village and thermal area. 

Naturally, over the years, many of the younger members moved out of the village to build houses in nearby areas and further afield. However The Whakarewarewa Village has always been 'home' for them and many of the descendants of the original villagers wished to return to the ancestral settlement, to re-establish a lifestyle that has always been unique to The Whakarewarewa Village.  

This became the motivation behind the planning and development of the 90's.  It would be an opportunity to invite visitors into the dwellings to see a wide variety of Maori craftspeople and artists at work and to witness and participate in various aspects of a traditional way of life.

The Original Trust Order is dated 19 March 1986 prior to the vesting of lands and the development that followed within Whakarewarewa Village.  

So did it all work out that way? Nothing ever turns out the way we plan it to but we pivot, we survive and we thrive through the good-times and the challenges and one day soon we will progress even further than the setbacks of recent years.

Land owners groups available in the network:

Alternate name/s for the Trust: Whakarewarewa Development Trust

Current Trustees: Tarati Kinita, Te Aruhe Mio, Te Rauaroha Morgan, Kiri Potaka-Dewes, John Tamati Waaka, Paula Werohia

Disclaimer: Please note that all information listed is for information and guidance purposes only and verification of updated details should be confirmed by the Maori Land Court.

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