Alienation of land within Parihaka


A report prepared in 1993 for the Waitangi Tribunal - Ref Wai 143 #17

The aim of this report is to provide information on what happened to the land within the Parihaka Block from the time it was confiscated to the present.

For the purposes of this report the Parihaka Block is the land from the sea to the mountain, between the Waiweranui stream in the north and Moutoti in the south. The boundary in the east has been' taken as the edge of the National Park.

The land within the block was confiscated by the Crown in
1865 under a proclamation of 2nd September 1865 under the
New Zealand Settlements Act of 1963. (NZG 5/9/1865)

Of the approximately 45 000 acres in the block, a total of 21 482 were granted to Maori by the Crown from 1882 (see schedule Table 1 for a description of the lands granted). The rest of the land was either sold or reserved by the Crown (see section 6.0). The bulk of this report is concerned with the land that the Crown chose to grant to Maori within the Parihaka Block. A title history of each of these grants has been prepared and this report aims to identify the main methods of alienation that occurred and the degree of choice that was involved by the owners in these alienations. There is also a summary of the records that have been located concerning the money from the West Coast leases that was controlled by the Public Trustee.

The Alienation of Whakarewarewa
MLC Pānui - December 2022

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