Crown Grants - Taranaki 1879-1885

A comparison between the Crown Grants recommended for issue and those that were issued in Taranaki 1879-1885

By 1879 many of the awardees of the Compensation Court had not received Crown grants for lands that were to be returned to them.  As a result, on 20 January 1880, governor Sir H Robinson appointed William Fox, Francis Dillon Bell and Hone Mohi Tawhai (member for Northern Maori who was to later resign his appointment) to 'inquire into, examine and report upon' claims brought before them or initiated by themselves relating to promises made or 'alleged to have been made' by the government regarding lands between the White Cliffs and the Waitotara river confiscated under the 1863 act or amending acts. 

Accordingly, the Commission inquired into the alleged grievances and reported in March, July and August 1880, making recommendations that reserves be made to Maori to settle outstanding grievances. 

The West Coast Settlement (North Island) Act 1880 was passed to empower the Governor to implement the recommendations of the Commission and to make inalienable reserves and issue Crown grants for the benefit of Maori. 

The purpose of this report is to discover if the recommendations of the Commission were in fact implemented. The' search covers the years 1879-1885 (these are the years of the Crown grant registers).

(Introduction excerpt from the WAI 143 report)

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