The Alienation of Whakarewarewa


A report prepared in 1995 for the Waitangi Tribunal - Ref Wai 153 #C2 (WAI 1200 A030)

This report tries to prepare the Tribunal to consider the following claims:

  • Wai 153 Lodged 1 August 1990 by Piripi Mita Tanpopoki Phillips, for the Rahui Trust, a s438 Trust
  • Wai 204 Lodged 20 November 1992, by Anaru Rangiheuea, of the Rotomahana Parekarangi Trust, on behalf of Tuhourangi and Ngati Wahiao
  • Wai 268 Lodged 12 December 1991, by Hamuera Tai Mitchell, of Ngati Whakaue, in particular the hapu of Ngati Te Hurunga, Ngati Kahu, and Ngati Taiotu
  • Wai 282 Lodged 8 April 1992 by Robert Mita Taupopoki Piripi, on behalf of the Rahui Trust, and the Ngati Wahiao people generally

These claims all speak of a loss of control inter-woven with, or given effect by, a loss of ownership (of land and of heritage). We try here to present the basic chronology of Crown purchases and partitions, by gathering and summarizing the Land Court and Government Archival materials explaining the Crown's motives and methods in purchasing this block.

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Alienation of land within Parihaka

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