Mauri Tau


Hā- Breathe into the wairua of Rongo- mā- Tāne (Atua of Peace) , and with your exhale release the business of your day to Papatūānuku (Our Earth Mother).  Take a moment to breathe, ground and reconnect to you.

Taking time out for you is essential to make it through your day, where ever you are, doing what you do best- ensuring your able to go the full distance. Like the saying goes "Slow and steady wins the race" .

Mauri tau refers to a balanced and calm state of being. Mauri speaks to the energy, or life force within and around us. Tau is to be grounded and still. To support us in achieving this state of being we can control and draw awareness to our hā/breath, 

This simple yet powerful tool is one, many of us often overlook and in fact struggle to do properly. Try it out now for yourself. Press pause on everything else that you are doing and take a moment to breathe, 

Breathe in through your nose for four seconds, pause, hold, and exhale through your mouth. As you exhale, say the word Hā (Haaaaaaaaaa). Hold your exhale for four seconds.

While the breath is one tool we will work towards mastering to support us in feeling tau, our Atua Māori play an equally significant role in achieving a peaceful state of being- our Mauri/essence or energy within us.

Rongo- ma- Tāne also known as rongo-marae-roa is the Atua of Peace and cultivated foods. When we are taking a moment to ourselves we can visualise in our minds eye what peace looks and feels like to us. With every breath inviting more and more into our lives.

Papatūānuku is our Earth Mother, and it is believed by our elders that when we release all things that no longer serve us, we give them back to Papatūānuku, who gives us the space to ground.

Try this out for your self care 

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Friday, 21 June 2024

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