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State of NZ prisons in 2023

I'm 27 years old an have been in an out of the prison system for 10 years now. Prison isn't always a bad place when your needing help an support an to try make changes in your life to help you from reoffending.  I've been a recipient of the help of the "mirp" program (medium intensity rehabilitation program) and other programs that corrections used to offer. The need for reintegration an rehabilitation in NZ prisons is very important to the community and to the prisoner's coming back out to the community from prison to have access in prison to reintegration programs in prison to help address our offending/addiction's tauma an other problems we may have faced in life to land us in prison. 

Prior to about 6-12 months ago particularly in rimutaka prison in Wellington we had 6 hours of time out of our cells to exercise and use the phone and do whatever they allow us to witch was good for our mental health. Also we had mirp/stirp/aod/dtu/maori focus unit all unit's and programs dedicated to helping prisoner's with rehabilitation an reintegration an addiction's while in prison to hopefully help you on release and is something I personally feel is needed an very important.  For one reason or another or excuse the department of corrections may have in the last 6 months to a year all those programs and I mean all have been shut down or stopped to what they say is a "shortage of staff issues". Whatever it may be I frankly think it's not good enough but just to top off the icing on the cake they have also had no visits for Nearly 2 years since before COVID and have also restricted us to 1 hour out a day amazing stuff right.  How in there right minds they thought closing all reintegration an rehabilitation courses and units would be a good idea amazes me and then to not have visits to see your family for over 2 years and lock you down 23 hours a day like an animal with no help or access to see your family or any help after being in prison an going back to community is disgusting an dangerous.  By the time you do get out, your lucky to have support you might be okay that's if your not institutionalised but the ordeal depending on how long you've endured in there. 

I write this blog as a man that has been in and through the system for a long time and in recent times have heard a whole different story on the news it's not right an it's not okay things will get worse and not better and where's the help from corrections. How they think locking us down 23 hours a day with no programs and help is okay is hard for me to understand and even though I've managed to turn my life around I will keep advocating for prisoners who frankly just need help and talk to anyone who will listen and really hope they sometime soon something happens thank you for reading my blog ❤️

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