A community for tangata whenua


The community section of the MLI website where members have access to various tools to help keep you connected.  

The network pages have a familiar, popular, social network style to the navigation. Members can 'share what's new' in their timeline, upload or create albums and files, create or join 'Groups' or connect directly with whanau and whanaunga.

There are 3 main membership types in the community: Takitahi & Hinonga

  • Takitahi
  • Takitahi Plus
  • Hinonga

Here's a brief overview of the features:

  • Maori Land Groups - Created by MLI Admin based on submissions made by members
  • Maori Entities - Created by Hinonga and Takitahi Plus members who want to connect and share with beneficiaries, landowners, shareholders and/or members
  • Community Groups  & Uri or Whanau Groups - Created by members of the community to connect and share with others with common interests. (Community and Uri/Whanau)
  • Panui Pages- Created by Hinonga and Takitahi Plus members to update followers with information
  • Events - Created by Hinonga and Takitahi plus members 
  • Albums - Photo uploads and albums so you can access anytime from anywhere ( as long as you have an internet connection!)
  • & More....

Badges: For achieving various milestones on MLI, 'Badges' are awarded to your profile for example on registration everyone receives the 'Kiwi' badge.  These are attached to your membership and are an indication of what you like to do to participate and contribute to the community.

Points: 'Points' are assigned to members for performing specific actions throughout the MLI website.  Points accumulate in the background as you go about your normal activities.  There is a 'Leaderboard' that shows how members are going and you can find out how to accumulate points (or lose points) to climb the Leaderboard here.

Stay Informed

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Whakarewarewa - Geothermal Valley


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Friday, 19 July 2024

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