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Ko wai au

Zayne Alexander Hitchens McVeigh


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NZ Māori Council Newsletter March 2023

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Watch: STOLEN LANDS— Betrayal of a Chief.

Stolen Lands - Betrayal of a Chief is the story of one of Aotearoa's most compelling and misunderstood historical figures. In a thrilling five-episode series, we will cover the accusations, injustice and conspiracy that took place in Ōpōtiki in 1865, which led to the unjust execution of Te Whakatōhea Chief Mokomoko.

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Guide Sophia

Mary Sophia Hinerangi Gray, also known as Te Paea, was the principal tourist guide of the Pink and White Terraces at Lake Rotomahana before the eruption of Mt Tarawera in 1886, and later guided at Whakarewarewa.

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Preserve Your Memories

Memories matter!

We all have a box full of old images or audio that tells a story about your whänau. Traditional waiata documents our history, and recalls the past through mentions of tupuna, major hui or events and places in Aotearoa.

But imagine losing those precious taonga to the passing of time: water, fire or damage. Your important documents and voice recordings, words and waiata can still be restored and preserved for generations to come by digitally storing them.

This is a great read to the reasons why we might consider thinking about the importance of preserving our taonga. 

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Te Arawa - Waka Huia

An amazing documentary  that retells the voyage of the Te Arawa Waka 

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Mita Taupopoki & Jean Batten

Two Leaders sharing 1 Breath - Chief Mita Taupopoki & our great  Aviator Jean Batton

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28th Māori Battalion - Robert "Bom" Gillies

The last surviving member of the 28th (Maori) Battalion. He enlisted in 1943 at the age of 17 (after giving a false birthdate) and served in Italy, surviving the gruelling Battle of Monte Cassino.  Bom recalls some of his memories from WWII.

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Lucy Takiora Lord

The only child of Kotiro Hinerangi and William Lord, was born at Kororareka (Russell), in northern New Zealand, and was baptised Lucy Elizabeth on 9 October 1842.

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Te Arikinui, Dame Te Atairangikaahu

The first woman chosen to lead the Kīngitanga (the Māori king movement), she served as Māori queen for over 40 years, the longest reign of any Māori monarch.

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Mohi Tūrei

The biography  of a Ngāti Porou leader, minister of religion, carver and composer of haka

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Whakatauki o te ra!

Nā te rourou, nā taku rourou,
ka ora te iwi!
With your food basket and my food basket,
the people will thrive!
#maori #nzmaori #whenua #whakapapa #whanau #maorilandinfo
#askauntyjazz #manawhenua #papatuanuku #westhavenmarina #nesianmystik

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Iwi unite to welcome back 300-year-old waka

A piece of a 300-year-old waka has been publicly unveiled after spending over a decade in the care of Manatu Taonga, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

Te Ao Maori News -Saturday 19 March 2022.By Mare Haimona-Riki

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Ko wai au?

This is my ko wai au and some things I like, some things that are important to me and things I enjoy doing.

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Our warrior princess

With full excitement over singing and putting together her video, she's a great example of the confidence and fearless aspects of youth.

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Ko Wai Au

As a mature aged women I am reminded of events, experiences and people who have impacted and shaped the trajectory of my life.  The journey of my Ko Wai Au  encompass all of these elements and so much more.  As I explore this I know that I will be prompted by memories past and those yet to be discovered.

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Ko wai au? 

Who Am I? 

But first let us ask and answer the question, to whoms do I come from?  

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Tarumai I Tawhiti Kerehoma-Hoani

My inspiration other than my whanau is the past and the future.

Quote from my Koro.

"Leave my culture in a better state than when I found it"  - Ngapo Wehi 

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The founder and artistic director of Hawaiki TŪ, a Māori performance company specialising in kapa haka and haka theatre. Kura Te Ua is an all-round performing arts powerhouse. Born and raised in Tāmakai Makaurau, I am the co-founder of the Māori contemporary dance and Māori performance company, Hawaiki TŪ, which celebrates ten years in 2021. 

Photo credit: Peter Jennings (Auckland Live), Toaki Okana

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Ko Wai au?

Taranaki te maunga tapu
Mohakatino te awa
Ngāti Mutunga te iwi
Ngāti Raumati me Kai tangata ngā hapū
Te Ruapekapeka te Marae
Hamiora Wharematangi Raumati raua ko Parehaereone Matuku taku tūpuna
Te Ratutonu taku matua 
I te taha o taku māmā
Ngāti Maniapoto me Ngāti Wahiao -Tuhourangi ngā iwi
Tame Roa raua ko Eva Te Wehi o Te Rangi Brady taku tūpuna 
Lily Edna Rangi Amohia taku whaea
Ko Lynne Parehaereone Raumati ahau.

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