The Ultimate Māori Land Project


An introduction to the ultimate Māori land collaboration project for 'owners' & 'shareholders'.

Connecting Māori land owners to other owners and administrators of all affiliated interests (and vice versa) is the true purpose of the Māori Land Information (MLI) platform.

What is Māori Land Information?

Māori Land Information was created as a free platform for individuals to provide a safe and independent online space where owners and trustees could maintain connections and these connections could be passed down.

MLI is a project that can have generational impact but to achieve our 'Mission' it requires collaboration between Land Owners & Shareholders and Trusts & Incorporations.

Māori Land is described by Crown entities as "a tangible whakapapa link for owners and their whānau, hapū and iwi and made up of Māori customary land interests converted to freehold title"

As the population increases, our people move overseas and our generations expand, it becomes more and more difficult to manage land and affiliated interests. With management structures put in place, it is more important than ever to connect (or reconnect), to engage, be informed and ensure that future generations remain connected. 

Whenua Māori (Māori Land) is more than that, it is taonga tuku iho to Māori and kaitiakitanga of our whenua spans the width and breadth of Aotearoa. Whenua Māori is not restricted to partitioned or amalgamated blocks of land with multiple owners as tenants in common.  Whenua forms our cultural identity shown through our pepeha and numerous whānau, hapū and iwi affiliations. 

Whakapapa is the umbilical cord that binds us to the whenua. Genealogy provides a pathway to connect and for those disconnected to reconnect.

Thousands of individuals have already joined with the intention of connecting with their affiliated interests and our task now is to encourage Trusts, Incorporations & Māori Entities to do the same. The features available are commonly used on other social media platforms with some additional unique features that will help support our people to maintain connections and update contact details for future engagement.

Getting started in 10 steps on Māori Land Information

Takitahi (Individuals)

  1. Register and Join MLI
  2. Join Māori land groups, introduce yourself and invite other owners that you know to register and join.
  3. Create Maori Land Open Groups for beneficiaries and invite other beneficiaries/owners to join.
  4. Create Whanau and/or Whanau Trust Groups and invite whanau to join.
  5. Set up your preferred 'Privacy' & 'Alerts' settings.
  6. Edit your profile to receive notifications that apply to you and add an additional 'Legacy' person.
  7. Create albums and upload photos you don't want to lose
  8. Follow 'Pages' or join 'Groups of affiliated entities as they become available to receive notifications and stay updated.
  9. Earn badges by contributing to the platform with achievements.
  10. Earn points by by performing specific actions throughout the platform.  Points redemption store will be released in 2024.

Hinonga (Maori Entities & Organisations) 

  1. Register and Join MLI as Hinonga
  2. Hinonga are members with profiles just like our individual members so you are able to 'Friend', 'Follow' and share in the 'Network' on MLI.
  3. Create a 'Group' for owners/shareholders/beneficiaries to join.
  4. Create a 'Directory Listing' to provide up to date contact details ('Group' is able to be linked from your directory listing). Place a link to your directory listing on your website or media pages.
  5. Invite owners/shareholders/beneficiaries to join and for those with other social media groups, also invite members to join MLI.
  6. Create albums and upload photos to share in the Group or on your personal profile. 
  7. If you have a 'Group', Contact MLI members on the Owners list to connect, engage and update your organisations database.
  8. Create and publish Hui or kaupapa based 'Events' for members to join or RSVP.
  9. Create and publish an article about your organisation that highlights the vision, mission, location, stakeholders, and/or any other information that enables members to learn more.
  10. Regularly update your 'Page' or 'Group' to encourage engagement and confidence.

Engagement Driven

The Māori Land Information platform and data policies were developed with sensitivity in sharing whenua and whakapapa related kaupapa in mind.  We support the use of social media platforms for making connections and although we have some common tools for connecting, we also have some key differences to popular 'Commercially Data Driven' media platforms.
  • Developed by Māori and focused on outcomes for tangata whenua
  • Monetization strategy is based on creatively meeting needs of members
  • Localised agents to contact with queries, feedback and suggestions
  • No need to record data for targeted advertising purposes
  • No need to classify members under a target audience for specific advertisers
  • No advertisements will appear in your social pages
  • No personal data required to join
  • We do not sell user data for any reason to any party
  • Owned and operated by a small team who whakapapa Māori and are based in Aotearoa  
If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, we would love to hear from you...
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