He waiata - Homai Tō Poho


A song that acknowledges the connections between groups of people and written by Kuini Moehau Reedy.  

Homai to poho

When I look back at my upbringing and the stigma and disconnection to my cultural language and practices around that time, I have a immense amount of gratitude to those tupuna who fought on to retain our language, our culture and provide the opportunity for us to reignite those foundations that are the make-up of who we are not only individually but as a people.

My daughter is bridging that gap in our household and normalising Te Ao Māori after 3 generations of disconnection through the opportunity of Kohanga and Māori Immersion opportunities at her Kura.  It is a privilege to share in her experiences and strive to be a part of her world instead of perpetuating her fitting into the world that has been created through colonisation.

I am heartened that through a combination of her growth and our knowledge and experience, that she will have opportunities alongside an understanding that our colonisers had hoped to remove from our future generations.

This is her favorite waiata from kohanga that she still shares regularly especially when she does her mihi to tupuna at the urupa.

? Ngā Kupu ?

Homai tō poho hei piringa
Tō poho hei piringa
Homai tō kiri kia rongo atu au
Tō kiri kia rongo atu au
Homai te kupu kia a kōrero
Te kupu kia kōrero
Nau nei au, nau nei au

English translation:

Lend me your chest
So that I might be comforted
Your chest that I might seek comfort
Give me your skin to touch
So that I might sense you
Your skin so I might sense you
Give me your words
Your words that speak to me
Your words that speak

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